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Opales Ltd specialises in the design and applications for camera control systems.

Opales Ltd supplies industrial vision systems that can be integrated and incorporated into all levels of manufacturing processes and production systems.

Opales Ltd is recognised as a choice partner for production services by:
NESTLÉ Ltd WORLDWIDE, PEUGEOT, UNILEVER, HONEYWELL, TETRAPACK, and other major production companies.

With over 20 years' experience in industrial production with camera control systems, Opales Ltd has installed over 1,000 cameras in 23 countries in 5 continents.

A bit of historyMachine d’inspection clé en main 2015

  • 1992 - Opales Ltd was created by 2 experts in camera control vision systems who started in the optical and ophthalmic industry where systems were created on special machines to control production and quality through camera control systems with industrial applications
  • 1999: Opales Ltd began a partnership with Siemens Ltd, and thereafter refined their skills as a leader in automation and camera control systems
  • Opales Ltd developed their first 'ready to go' machine for camera control systems in the automobile industry
  • Opales Ltd designed and developed their own PC based systems, then developed the applications under the name of 'VisiOpal' and fine-tuned their own lighting systems for the machines
  • 2006: Opales Ltd became an official partner with Cognex Ltd  (PSI)
  • 2013: Opales Ltd joined the Delta Ltd Group, manufacturers of made-to-measure optical-electronic systems in extreme environments, also a worldwide leader in the metal industry, based in Entzheim near Strasbourg, France.

2015 : Opales now designs and develops fully operational camera control systems


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Welcome to Opales, the specialist in camera quality control systems.