S2A team with strong experience

From the initial design and development of a project up to the application and operations, Opales Ltd is your single intermediary for developing camera control systems.

Opales Ltd has their own R & D department that can help you to develop all of your needs for camera control systems, automation, industrial software, and mechanical applications.

Audit and review of your current camera control systems

If you have an obsolete camera control system, or one that no longer responds to your needs, and you need to refine your current standards, Opales Ltd has a team of specialist engineers to enhance your industrial camera control systems.

Our engineers will evaluate the quality of the camera control systems' images and provide feedback on all of the essential elements for the best possible results to be obtained, from lighting and the environmental conditions up to the appropriateness of the tools that are used for quality control. Following the review, Opales Ltd will provide you with a full report specifically detailing the mechanical requirements, logistics, and costs for an update of your current camera control systems.

SONY DSCFeasibility study

Opales Ltd has their own testing centre that can evaluate the feasibility of the project with cameras, lenses, lighting, and all of the structures in order to evaluate your specific needs, including maintenance, and a hotline for technical support. Beyond the 'ready to go' camera control systems available, we also offer:

● Telephone hotline services in working hours

● A full and year-round maintenance programme

● On-site engineers for fine-tuning

● Technical support

● Long-distance maintenance services

Training for camera control systems operators

Opales Ltd has an approved training licence under n°43390083739 (not included in government approved training programmes).

Welcome to Opales, the specialist in camera quality control systems.