Inspection machine

Design and manufacturing of turnkey solutions for fully automated lines

These inspection machines are typically located at the exit of production lines before packing.
Equipped with several cameras for a complete inspection, they are fully automated and can work at very high speed.
They include automatic high speed sorting and complete traceability.

Inspection machine of capsules :

M1• 4 smart, autonomous cameras.
• 10 units per second.
• 14 points of inspection.
• Ejection by fault type.
• 100% reliability for detection of faulty products.
• 0,002% of wrong ejections.
• Integrated operator interface.
• Connexion to the quality computer of the plant.
• Designed for food and beverage environment.


360° Inspection machine

• Use of high resolution linear camera with 360° rotation of the vials, bottles.
• 1 unit per second.
MICM 2• 12 points of inspection.
• Inspection of the labels.
• Verification of the integrity of tamper-evident cap.
• Ejection by default type.
• Traceability of all inspection results.
• Results recorded in a database for each default per production lot.
• Connexion to the quality computer of the plant.
• Remote-control enabled via TCP/IP connection.

Others applications

• Inspection machine in bottling lines.
• Inspection machine for automotive industry.
• Inspection machine for verification of plastic parts.
• Inspection machine for food and beverage industry.
• Inspection machine for connector assembly..

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