Cognex integrator

Opales is Gognex Partner System Intégrateur

Vision system integrated at the different phase of production. Inspection, measurement at 100%, with different camera resolution, monochrome or colour. Identification, 1D and 2D code reading, OCR (Optical Character Recognition), OCV (Optical Character Verification).
Our systems are based on an extensive range of vision and ID products and include the latest technologies.

In line inspection of thermoformed parts

• 25 units per second with a speed of 1 meter per second.
• 20 smart cameras connected on Ethernet.
• 10 for dimensional control with a precision of 0.02 mm.
• 10 for the quality inspection.
• Traceability for each cavity.
• Remote-control enabled via TCP/IP connection.


In line inspection of the sealing area and assembly

• Management of several dozen of configurations.
• 8 units per second.
• 8 smart colour cameras connected on Ethernet.
• 3 successive images taken under different lighting conditions.
• Traceability.


Barcode and data matrix reading

• Verification of the batch number for traceability.
• 24 vision sensors connected by Ethernet.


Others applications

• Quality control on assembly lines for the automotive industry.
• Control and checking of components for the mechanical industry.
• Shape recognition for robotics systems.
• Dimensional control and recognition for the precious stones industry
(diamond cutting or other).
• Character reading of labels in the food industry.




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Welcome to Opales, the specialist in camera quality control systems.