Special application

Custom advanced vision systems

With many years of experience in this domain, OPALES developed the VisiOpal software
under Windows for complex industrial applications.

AS1Cut for constant weight of Emmental cheese

Integrated into the cutting processes in order to obtain portion with a regular and constant
http://www.opales.fr/test/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/AS11.jpgweight, VisiOpal analyses and calculates the volume of ‘holes’ in the section of cheese
from an X-ray radio-wave image, the results are connected to the cutting machine which
can calculate cutting portions with an error margin of ± 5 grams for a standardised
250 g portion.



AS2Search and vectoring of surroundings and contours

Integrated into an industrial large series production line, VisiOpal can recognise up to 8 000
alveolar structure contours on one item with a precision ratio of ±0.025 mm. Extraction
and vectorization is achieved in less than 3 seconds for 8 000 contours.


AS3Non-contact flatness measurement of metal plate

A lighting system projects lines and a high resolution camera measures by 3D triangulation
the height of different points. VisiOpal provides in real-time the flatness, with sub-pixel
resolution and with a sampling time of less than 50 ms.



AS4Lighting systems for complex applications

The success of a ‘vision’ system depends largely on correct and appropriate lighting
systems, thus OPALES has carefully developed a full range of LED lighting systems which
are adapted to the most demanding environments.

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